6. 10. 2020 Petr Dostál

All you need to know about the second Qualifier Week

Last week, all the CEE Champions National Qualifiers came to an end. We are already announcing qualified teams for the final tournament on our social media and soon, we’re drawing all the time to groups. The tournament starts this Saturday so be ready because October will be full of weekend CS:GO streams. And what happened in the final qualifier week? Let’s take a look.

Open qualifiers, Closed qualifiers

The fight went on all around the 16 nations competing in qualifiers. Somewhere they played first games, like in Baltic states or Ukraine. Somewhere we could see final Closed qualifiers, like in Czechia and Slovakia.

So, who qualified for the final tournament?

As you probably know, its 16 teams. You can already find all of them on the Liquepedia page of our tournament. If you want to know them better and have them all together with their social media and qualifier highlights, simply follow our Instagram or Facebook where we announce them.

Highlights from the bombsite

You can already the best highlights from Romania, Bulgaria, and Czechia – Slovakia. We are also preparing the whole qualifier highlight video that you will definitely love.




Czechia and Slovakia 

And more is yet to come!

Group stages, Playoff, Finals. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, or this website to have fresh info about the qualified teams, schedule, or streams.