11. 11. 2020 Petr Dostál

Interview with the CEE Champions winners

We are here with the “Kvik” who is captain of the winning team Grazhtas.

Hi Kvik, congratulations! How did you celebrate?

We haven’t. We live in 3 different cities and corona doesn’t make it easy to travel. Maybe we will in the future, when the money comes and this corona thingy slows down a bit.


What will you do with the prize money?

I don’t really know what guys will do with it, but me personally, I like to save up, so that’s probably what I’m gonna be doing.


Did you make this team only for the purpose of the tournament?

Exactly, we’re literally one tournament mix. Some of us never played together in a team environment before.


How much did you train before weekend games?

We haven’t played a single practice game with this mix, only individual training.


Did CS:GO fans from across Lithuania support your team?

Yes, kinda. It’s a rarity that you can see Lithuanian flags popping on HLTV, so people come together and support these occasions.


How nervous were you guys in the long overtime in the finals?

It grew into us, especially because we came to the game a little bit overconfident, but people managed to deal with it, some of us played even better under these conditions.


Will you guys continue playing together after the tournament?

Most likely not, some of the guys are already under contracts with different organizations, and building an actual team in our country is difficult.


What do you think about the concept of this tournament?

This tournament is a great opportunity for upcoming teams and players to be seen. Especially for our Baltic region, which desperately needs some healing, having regional qualifiers is great. Hopefully, we can see more of these collaborations in the future. Maybe one day our region will grow a team or even an organization with the help of it.