A chance for everyone: Claim the last spot in Wild Card qualifier!

It’s time! The expected pan-European qualifier for the CEE Champions is coming. Registrations have been launched and we await the fight for the last slot to advance to the main stage of this major tournament. The Wild Card tournament is open to all countries that are involved in the CEE Champions project.

Go to our special page and check out all about Wild Card tournament! In addition to one promotion spot to the main stage of the tournament, the Wild Card winner will also take home a cash prize of $500. The entire qualification will be played in a single elimination style.

But that’s still not all. Throughout the tournament we are going to randomly select some lucky registered who will earn 6x Lorgar Voicer 721 Microphone + 6x Lorgar Rapax 701 Webcam and Intel Merch. We wish all participants good luck in the tournament and in the prize draw. For the viewers, we are preparing some special giveaway throughout the stream on cee_champions Twitch channel.

1600 900 CEE Champions