Hello there, all gamers around the world! This is it, this is the one! The community giveaway that your streamers are playing for in our CEE Champions: Streamers Edition.

So go root for your favorite streamer to get a chance to win one of the awesome prizes! Only the winning influencer of CEE Champions will be holding the special community giveaway with tons and tons of prizes! So what would you like to win? CPU Intel CORE i9 or maybe the gaming chair by Lorgar?


Intel ARC 770 Graphic Card
Intel ARC 750 Graphic Card
Intel CPU Core i5 Processor
Intel CPU Core i7 Processor
Intel CPU Core i9 Processor
10× Lorgar Mouse Stricter 579
10× Lorgar Mousepad Legacer 755
10× Lorgar Headset Kaya 360
10× Lorgar Webcam Circulus 910
10× Lorgar Microphone Voicer 521
Lorgar Chair Ace 422 Blue
30× Gaming bundle Assasins Creed: Mirage