A new partnership with Canyon gaming!

We are proud to introduce a new partner for the playoff of CEE Champions 2021! What will this partnership bring to the event and what are the good news for the fans? 

CEE Champions group stage is over and top 16 teams are already preparing for the playoffs. We have seen a great shows across the groups and the fans are excited how will their representatives perform in the knock-out stage, but before the playoff will launch, we would like to share with you a great news!  Canyon Gaming is a new partner of CEE Champions and that means a boosted prize pool for the teams that will make it to the top, and mainly a unique giveaway for our fans which you can find HERE. 

Canyon Gaming is a technology brand created for gamers, including a series of qualitative chairs, mice, keyboards, headsets and other PC peripherals. The devices are a perfect choice for those who like unique design and extended functionality for an affordable price without compromising the quality.  

The goal of CEE Champions is to further expand the horizons of eSports for young, not yet in the spotlight players, allow them to prove themselves, discover new talents and help to achieve success on a regional and international level. These values are fully shared by Canyon Gaming. 

„We appreciate the daily work and courage of novice players who are just starting their rise and are often overshadowed by cybersport stars from the strongest teams. We strive to support players along the journey and therefore are pleased to partner with CEE Champions.  

We are proud to give talented players a chance, discover new names, and become part of the world’s cybersport history. Believe in yourself, be bold in your dreams, go only forward and you will achieve your goals! You can win!” Aleksey Smahin. 

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