Everything you need to know about CEE Champions qualifiers!

With the third edition of the CEE Champions coming up, we need to know all the national qualifiers. The CEE region has 18 European countries and therefore there will be 16 of them. Each country has its own unique qualifier, only the Czech Republic and Slovakia, respectively Albania and Kosovo, will be combined into one qualifier. Each organizer has a free hand from us, and it is up to them when to organize the qualification.

Qualifiers have already taken place in Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in all the others they have not started yet and there is still a chance to try your luck.

We strongly recommend you to participate in the qualifiers in your countries. Even if you don’t qualify, you will gain a lot of experience and who knows, maybe you will be the one to lift the trophy next year.

And how can you find out when the qualification will take place in your country? Here’s a list with all the useful links, where you can find more details directly from our organiser:

Albania/Kosovo – Qualifier page
Bulgaria – Qualifier page
Croatia – TBA
Greece with Cyprus – Qualifier page
Latvia – Qualifier page
Montenrgero – Qualifier page
North Macedonia – Qualifier page
Romania – Qualifier page
Serbia – Qualifier page
Slovenia – Qualifier page
Ukraine – Qualifier page


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