Another one: Icy Challenge begins with another giveaway up for grabs!

All players, stay alert! Another online event is upon us, with streamers from six countries competing. If you’re a fan of gaming, which of course you are, pay attention now. Starting November 27, our streamers will be facing the ultimate Icy Tower challenge, in which they will also be competing for prizes for you, the viewers.

From November 27 to December 2, your favourite streamers will be trying to get the best score in Icy Tower. The streamer who achieves the highest score per run will win a prize money worth $3,000. As you can probably guess, in addition to the prize pool, the streamers will also be fighting for you, as the winner will also receive an additional $2,000 worth of giveaway prizes to give to their fans. So don’t forget to cheer for your favourite!

1× Intel ARC 770 Graphic Card
1× Intel ARC 750 Graphic Card
1× Intel CPU Core i5 Processor
2× Lorgar Mouse Stricter 579
2× Lorgar Mousepad Legacer 755
2× Lorgar Headset Kaya 360
2× Lorgar Webcam Circulus 910
2× Lorgar Microphone Voicer 521
5× Assassins Creed: Mirage gaming bundle

The entire event will run from November 27 to December 2 and only attempts recorded on stream will be considered valid (off-stream attempts do not count). We wish all streamers and fans the best of luck and would like to thank our sponsors for making this event possible.

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