CS:GO Lorgar Cup starts with national qualifiers

After a short break we are back with CS:GO international tournament Lorgar Cup. This time the prize pool is worth $15,000.

On May 19, the national qualifiers will kick off, with teams from five European regions (Bulgaria, Czechia/Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine) battling it out to advance to the group stage of the tournament.

The first open qualifiers in Bulgaria and the CZ/SK region will take place on 20 May. In Romania, the first open qualifiers start on 22 May and for Ukrainian teams on 28 May. The second national qualifiers will then be played on 23 May (BUL & ROM), 4 June (UKR) and 10 June (CZ/SK). The final, closed qualifiers will then follow on the dates of 3 June (BUL), 6 June (UKR) and 11 June (CZ/SK).

Eight teams will advance to this stage of the tournament, which will be divided into two groups of four. All group matches will be played on 28-29 June. The top two teams from both groups will then advance to the final stage of the tournament. The latter will be played in a single elimination format in BO3 series from 1 July.

On the second day of July, the two best teams will face the grand finals and we will learn the name of this year’s winner of the Lorgar Cup in CS:GO. Watch all the teams’ matches with us and come to the stream support your region and cheer for your favourites.

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