Grab your prize in our $15,000 giveaway!

Hey there, gamers from all over the world! Guess what? So the super-duper cool gaming event CEE Champions: Streamers Edition is behind the corner, and it’s not just about playing Counter-Strike – it’s also about winning awesome stuff!

You probably already heard about the Community Giveaway for the fans of the winner of the tournament. All you have to do is cheer for your favorite streamer, and if they win the CEE Champions, they’ll host a huge giveaway full of presents for you to win. Imagine getting to elevate your gaming setup with assets like top-quality Intel ARC graphic cards, lightning-fast Intel processors, super comfy gaming chairs from Lorgar, and more – check out all the prizes in total value of 15.000 USD HERE!

But, there is more!

We are sure our loyal fans already know that with each CEE Champions event, we are giving away a lot of products in the “Global Giveaways”! This event is no different. Starting today, you can complete tasks and increase your chances of winning one of the products provided by our partners Lorgar, Intel, and Asus, who brought you these amazing gifts! So make sure that you complete as many tasks as possible and collect as many entrees as possible to increase the chance of bringing with you some of the presents home.

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