Half of Main stage teams are confirmed! Epic showdown ahead!

The Open National Qualifiers are in full swing and in all regions the good teams are slowly starting to separate from the best. Some regions even already know all the participants for their closed qualifiers who had to fight their way there through these open qualifiers.

In Romania, both rounds of the open qualifiers have already been played and there have been a lot of good matches. In the first one, it was the AllStars and Nexus teams that finally made it to the actual finals. In the final round, the AllStars team eventually defeated the Nexus team to become the winner of the entire first round of qualifiers. The second round of qualification was dominated by the players of team zzZleepers, who defeated team AllstarsAC in the final. All four of these teams made it through to the closed qualifiers with their performances.

In Bulgaria, the first open qualifier was played on May 20 and the winner was team Katuna, who thanks to their dominant performance did not lose a single map in the entire tournament. In the finals they defeated WinX 2:0. In the second qualifier, which took place a week later, 500Esports and ez4BUL clashed in the final. 500Esports won the overall victory.

The first open qualifier for Ukrainian teams took place on 28.5. In this tournament, KYIVMICTOKBITIB and GTG won their way to the closed qualifier. The second round of open qualification is underway and we will have to wait for the results.

Similarly, the CZ/SK region is also in the same position, with only the first qualifier being played. This was eventually won by the GLORE team, who defeated eSuba 16:14 in a thrilling final match. We will have to wait a few days for the rest of the qualification fights, because the second open qualification will take place on June 10 and the closed qualification will take place the day after (June 11).

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