Lorgar Cup is ready to start! Last team to be determined.

The national qualifiers are now in the past and we can finally introduce the participants of the group stage of the Lorgar Cup.

Region of Czechia and Slovakia will send three representatives to the title fight. The first one is Dynamo Eclot, one of the best local teams in a long time, which recently won first place at Tipsport Cup Bratislava 2023 and Tipsport Cup Prague Spring 2023 –⁠⁠⁠ two of the biggest tournaments of this season so far. The second representative of the CZ/SK region will be ENTERPRISE which is also a constant on the Czechoslovak scene.ENTERPRISE managed to dominate the domestic Sazka eLEAGUE Fall 2022 but decided to change it’s roster. After a few adjustments, ENTERPRISE looks to be getting better as they seem to be reaching the top level in the local scene once again. The last representative of the CZ/SK region will be SINNERS Academy. The team managed to qualify from the losers bracket, where they defeated BRUTE in two maps. Don’t be fooled by the „Academy” title. This team really offers top young talent in the region as they repeatedly qualify to top CZSK events.

In Bulgaria, all qualification rounds have also been completed and teams Katuna and 500 have advanced to the main stage. The first team secured their spot by winning the semi-finals of the closed qualifier, where they won against the ez4BUL team, whose roster included the player “lightdice”, who officially wears the jersey of the Katuna team. For this time, however, his position in Katuna was replaced by “Krs7N”, who plays in the British organization Coalesce. The grand final of the closed qualifiers was dominated by Team 500, who won first place in last year’s European Development Championship Season 7, for example.

There is also some clarity in Romania, where the winner of the closed qualifier is team doggonogog, made up of players from GamerLegion, Sprout and Let Us Cook. In the final, they clearly defeated allStars Gaming 2-0 (16:3, 16:13). Despite the defeat in the final, allStars Gaming was the second team to advance. They will represent the Romanian region in the group stage of the tournament.

As Ukraine has only one slot in the main stage, we will have to wait a little longer to see who will represent them. The finals of the closed qualifiers are scheduled for June 19 at 6 p.m. CET, and the teams IKLA and Lazer Cats will fight for advancement. Both teams managed to win their semi-final matches easily 2-0, which suggests that we could be in for a very exciting final.

The group stage of the Lorgar Cup itself will then be played on the 28th and 29th of June.

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