SACRAMENTO and Marten Gaming are first to advance, Sampi.Tipsport ends

SACRAMENTO claims playoffs the Group C, after a loss Marten Gaming also advances. Sampi.Tipsport and CONTENTPLANET are out.

The second season of the $20,000 CEE Champions kicked off successfully and as per our schedule Group C was first to be played. As a reminder, 32 teams from 19 coutries meet in 8 GSL Groups of 4. Double elimination format grants opprotunity to claim 2 spots for the playoffs for best teams. So how did Group C turn out?

The excellent SACRAMENTO shined through in of their matches. The first opponent of the Latvians was Marten Gaming. On Vertigo it was even at 5:5, but then SACRAMENTO put on the show and won 16:5. Who will win Group C was decided in the next match with Sampi.Tipsport, who had previously beat CONTENTPLANET 16:10. SACRAMENTO started better, but the Czechs showed as formidable enemy. In the end the Latvians did not stumble and with the win of 16:12, they are the first to go to the playoffs!

After the initial loss, Marten Gaming mustered up and eliminated the CONTENPLANET from the tournament in loosers match. In decide match they met Sampi.Tipsport and at stake was last playoff spot. We were expecting a balanced duel, but the players from Bosnia and Herzegovina destroyed their opponent with a great team game 16:5, and together with SACRAMENTO clinched thier spots playoff!

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