Team 500 made a comeback in the Lorgar Cup Final!

After the semi-final matches, the first season of the Lorgar Cup saw a purely Bulgarian final. The teams Katuna and 500 faced each other.

Already on the first map (Nuke), both teams showed that it would be a long and even battle. As the score was tied after thirty rounds, it had to be decided in overtime. In the overtime, the Katuna took the first point of the series for themselves with a score of 28:24. However, the players of the 500 were not discouraged by the unsuccessful end of the first map and managed to reverse the course of the entire final series with their spectacular turnaround. On the second and third map (Inferno, Mirage) they allowed their opponents only 12 winning rounds and thus became the first ever winners of the Lorgar Cup.

With their victory in the finals, the Team 500 players secured the championship title in addition to $8,000 in prize money. The losing finalists were then awarded a prize purse of $4,500. In addition to the Bulgarians, the Czechoslovakian representative also claimed their prize, as the Dynamo Eclot team took down the Ukrainian IKLA UA in two maps in the series for third place. Dynamo Eclot went on to claim their prize of $2,500.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone involved for a fantastic tournament. We would also like to thank all the fans, followers and especially the partners without whom this great event could never have happened.

1600 900 CEE Champions