CEE Champions 2022 set to start with $30,000 prize pool

Another year has passed, and CEE Champions is back with the action. The main stage of the third edition is going to take place from May 14 to May 22, play-off from May 23 to June 7. There are also 16 qualifications for most of the countries in CEE region, from which everyone can reach us. Some of them have already started, but some have not yet, so that’s a reason why we will bring up a solo article to make it clearer.

When we look at the format, there will be almost no changes from last years’ tournament. The main stage is a double elimination group stage (GSL) where 32 qualification winners will battle it out across eight groups for a spot in the play-off stage. All matches are best-of-one, so we are ready to see some cool upsets.

The final leg of the tournament is a single elimination best-of-three playoff bracket, with the sixteen qualified teams playing a round of 16 until the grand final. The future champion will therefore need to win four matches for the title.

Finally, we are extremely happy to announce that we managed to increase this year’s prize pool to $30,000 to better reward the best teams in the CEE region! We already can’t wait for it, are you excited too?

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